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Carp fishing in The Netherlands with Dan Cleary!

Dan Cleary heads to Carp Specialist's De Koperen Plas...

Carp fishing abroad has been mainly focussed on France over the past decades... and not without reason. France is a lovely country: nice nature, big carp and great food. But, there's more to discover. The Dutch canals, like the famous 'Twente Canal', have been very popular with English anglers in the eighties and nineties. Now, there's a new kid on the block: Dutch Carp Lake De Koperen Plas

Dan Cleary, a true carp fishing gem, has been fishing in the UK and France for years and is known as a very skilled 'big fish hunter' and always up for an adventure. He wrote an Independent Venue Review for our website earlier this month, click here to read it. Next to the article, Dan brought his camera and made some stunning video footage during his trip. The video is now ready, so sit back, relax and enjoy his Dutch carping adventure at De Koperen Plas: