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Glossary of carping terms for nightclub usage

A proper #TBT classic here, all the way from issue 2 (April 2004)!


There’s a shoal coming through
‘I say, there’s a bevvy of beauties entering the establishment’

Did we bring enough sacks?
‘The establishment appears to be full of young ladies’

I’m gonna pre-bait
‘I’m off to offer that young filly a drink’

She’s feeding
‘She’s accepted the drink’

Took a stringer
‘I had to buy her a few drinks’

Spat the rig out
‘Rejected my advances’

Mug fish (n)
‘Slapper. a girl with no moralistic values. Normally heavier than the rest of the shoal – i.e. ‘had the mug again last night…’

I’m moving swim
‘There’s nothing here’

There’s plenty of features in my swim
‘I’m loitering around the bar/toilets’

A holding spot
See above

You can fish singles in there
‘They’re gagging for it’

They’re bubbling over there
‘Those young ladies are in a somewhat advanced state of refreshment’

She’s just rolled
‘That young lady’s attracting my attention’

Just had a liner
‘She’s looked at me’

Just had a knock on the middle rod
‘She gave me one of those looks’

My pod’s just gone over
‘She gave me another one of those looks, but longer this time’

I’m in
‘I’m off’

Just had a one-toner
See above

I’ll play her gently
‘I’ll have a chat with her before making my move’

Bullied her out of the snags
‘Intercepted her before she got in a cab with her mates’

Tail up, preoccupied
Do we have to tell ya everything fellas

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