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The 10 Anglers Who Have The Best Jobs In Carp Fishing.

10 anglers you wish you could swap jobs with for a day!

1. Simon Scott
Deep into carp-harvest season when he’s been wearing waders and netting carp in freezing water all day, every day, for weeks on end, Simon might raise a wry smile at this suggestion. But the VS Fisheries co-founder has definitely got the amazing role of rearing some of this country’s future giants and watching them flourish across the country.

2. Chris Blunt
Being the on-site boss at Linear Fisheries comes with the kind of pressure and hours expected of a Premier League football manager, but when it’s good, it’s glorious. Chris might have to put up with all sorts of different anglers, but at the end of the day he can sit back and survey a complex that leads the world and puts smiles on people’s faces every day.

3. Joe Wooltorton and Luke Venus
Our very own camera crew certainly put in the mileage and the early morning starts, but there are hundreds of younger carp anglers out there who would kill to make fishing films every day. An added bonus of the job is being able to soak up all that knowledge from a huge breadth of star names every year.

4. Toby Clarke
You might not recognise the name or face, but Toby is in the very privileged position of twiddling the buttons off camera on the fabulous Korda podcast. Son of Damian Clarke, Toby has the best seat in the house for listening to the best fishy tales before anyone else.

5. Terry Hearn
Very, very few people make a career out of just going fishing. Not that Terry doesn’t have other commitments in the industry, but he’s as close as it gets to freedom in the full-time angling game. A man many have tried and failed to emulate.

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6. Tom Maker
‘Part-time full-time’ is how Tom has been describing his angling lately. He lives and works on a fishery, but also has the ability to pick and choose his time to go fishing. With plenty of time to spend with his partner and daughter it seems he’s got his work-life balance absolutely spot-on!

7. Tom Dove
It’d be easy to be jealous of Tom if he wasn’t so likeable! Not only is he an incredibly talented angler, he also gets to jet across the world making prime-time TV shows AND has a day job at Korda that enables him to develop revolutionary tackle like the Krank hooks. What a b*stard!

8. Kev Hewitt
Kev’s another busy family man, but he certainly lives and breathes fishing in his day job as a store manager at a large tackle shop. And we all know that tackle shops are a cauldron of gossip, rumours and ideas that make them so atmospheric for people who want to stay in-tune with their local fishing scene. Not that super-talented Kev needs much help to catch fish!

9. Terry Edmonds
We’d love to be a fly on the wall when Terry meets new people. “So, what do you do, Tel?” “I cast fishing rods over a field every day!” One of the best tutors in the game, Terry is responsible for improving the casting techniques of thousands of anglers and must get a huge sense of pride from improving his client’s skills. And plenty of backache!

10. Alan Blair
He might have the busiest schedule in carp fishing, but what an exciting whirlwind it is. Effectively the day-to-day boss at Nash, Alan is responsible for overseeing tackle development and media output, yet still finds time to cram in epic globetrotting sessions on some of the most amazing venues ever fished.

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