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The best last minute carp fishing venues near Calais!

All venues are within 2.5-hours drive from Calais

The carp fishing season of 2019 is coming to his end but the fish is getting ready for the winter... that means dinner time! :-) Over the years we have seen a lot of big fish getting caught during the months September to November. Hot summer is gone, the rain will bring fresh water and oxygen, which means more activity for the fish! That's why this period is maybe the best period of the year. Below you'll find the 5 best last-minute venues of The Carp Specialist. And the good thing is, all venues are within 2.5-hour drive from Calais ;-)

Jurassik Carpe 1

Jurassik Carpe 1 is with 190 acres the biggest lake at the domain. With all this water in front of you, you can prepare you for the extreme. Big Fish, depth varieties, weed and a lot of space per swim. Jurassik Carpe 1 is definitely a must-visit for the anglers that are in for a challenge!

Jurassik Carpe 2

Jurassik Carpe 2 fits the English style of angling perfectly! Casting, spodding and playing a fish from the bank. Every inch can make a difference and with depths up to 21ft a really interesting during this time a year. At Jurassik Carpe 2 you can experience some action but it is not a beginners lake. Perfect for the advanced angler and you can also book this lake for a short stay.

Timmy's Lake

Timmy's Lake is the biggest lake (16-acres) at 'De Karperhoeve domain". With fish up to 56lb, unique dark coloured commons, food packages and 5-star service, this venue is a perfect venue to spend your carp fishing holiday. Also here, it is possible to book a weekend, midweek or full week.

Domaine des Iles - Main Lake

Domaine des Iles - Main Lake is a well-known venue for our English guest. This is not only because it is 1.5-hour for Calais, but also because of the beautiful stock of carp and really big catfish! If you don't believe this, I welcome you to check out the latest reviews. PS: did I already mentioned the luxury accommodations that are still available?

Carpinsula Domain

I think we already mentioned enough if the video of CARPology about how beautiful this domain is. Nature in pure form and one of the most favourite venues for our English guests. 4 different lakes with different styles of angling and only possible to rent exclusively.

Belly Pool
Mint Pool
Origin Pool
King Pool