CARPology Quizzes

How do you compare to Nigel Sharp?

Well, take our test and find out - and if you are in virtual reality, then get out there sharpish (excuse the bad pun) as he's currently on fire!


The next 15 questions are to test your knowledge against the chap who can’t stop catching thirties. It’s a simple three option selection for each question and all you have to do is pick which one you think is correct. And don’t worry, even if you get it wrong, Nigel will still explain why he picked the ones he did.

So, for today’s section, picture the scene: the pond Nige is fishing for this session is Frimley Pit 3 – a lake which he knows like the back of his hand. He’s down for 72hrs, he’s been ‘Top Rod’ on here over the winter and early part of the spring and he’s very much in the groove right now. The lake is also pretty quiet too. So how would you fare on a day like today? Find out now!