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12 items of tackle to buy this month

Rounding up all the gear your tackle and bait bag are craving…

1. Penn Affinity II 7000 LC

This solidly built big-pit reel is designed for long casts. It’s got a slow oscillation for great line lay, six internal ball bearings, a carbon drag system, plus a graphite body and carbon spool to save weight.

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2. Gardner Hook Stone 

These hook-honing tools slip neatly into your tackle box and have a medium abrasion grade on one side and a fine one on the other for simple sharpening.

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3. BMG Zig Aligners

The easiest and deadliest way to fish Zigs, these aligners make the process simple. They come in packs of nine and hold four different colours of BMG’s buoyant Zig Foam.

4. ESP Camo Shorts

Made from the same soft poly-cotton blend as ESP’s Camo Hoody, these shorts are the perfect match. They have zipped pockets, hidden cargo pockets and an elasticated waistband for comfort.

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5. Avid Shock Tight Leader

Finished in Avid’s Outline colours for a two-tone appearance that’s almost invisible on the lakebed, this tough shockleader will cushion your longest casts or act as a snag leader when faced with tricky conditions.

6. JRC Cocoon 2G Folding Water Bucket

A handy collapsible bucket ideal for keeping fish wet, carrying small bits of stalking gear or washing out your boilies. It has a 1.5-litre capacity and is made from tough and washable PVC with a single carry strap.

7. Spotted Fin 100% Pure Salmon Oil

Made from Atlantic salmon from Scottish sea lochs, this liquid isn’t overly refined so it maintains its natural antioxidants and dark-pink colour. A proven attractor, it’s available in 250ml, 500ml and litre bottles.
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8. Fortis NEW Polarised Bifocal

These will be a godsend for anglers who need a little bit of extra help with tying rigs. The +2.00 magnifying element of these lenses effectively doubles the size of the item in front of you.

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9. Fox Edges Wide Gape Beaked PVA Bag Rigs

Expertly tied with a host of Fox terminal tackle, these readymade PVA-bag rigs are confidence in a packet. They are tied with Reflex Camo braid and Arma Point Wide Gape Beaked hooks in sizes 8, 6 and 4.

10. Sticky Baits Floater Hookers 

The perfect accompaniment to Sticky’s Floater pellets, these soft hookable floaters ooze with Krill attractors to create a slick on the surface and are tough enough to repeatedly cast.

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11. Kryston Super Mantis 

This low-diameter coated braid allows for the creation of supple and subtle presentations, whether combi-style or completely stripped back or fully intact. Available in 15, 25 and 35lb strengths.

12. Carp Spirit HD3 Alarms

Designed with no speaker (all audio comes from the receiver) for stealth and to massively improve battery life, these compact alarms can cycle through six different LED colours and offer great value for money.
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