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13 items to buy from your local tackle shop this month

Rounding up all the new gear that’s hitting the shop shelves this month…

JRC Cocoon 2G Combo

These great bundles combine a JRC Cocoon rod and a Mitchell Avocast reel, plus a zip-up rod sleeve. Great value and a great way to dip into carp fishing or give as a gift. Available in a 12ft 3lb two-piece; a 12ft 3lb three-piece; and a 13ft 3.5lb TC.
£129.99 and £139.99

Avid Retracta Tools

A neat and clever new range of baiting tools which, as their title suggests, retract back inside its own body (handle). The collection features a Gated Needle, Splicing Needle, Hair Needle, Hard Bait Hair Needle, Bait Drill and Titanium Braid Scissors.

Prologic Camo Net and Sling

Prologic have taken the camo trend and added it to two fish-friendly products. The lightweight sling allows for plenty of flow for recovering fish, while the net is tough and hard-wearing.
£59.99 and £34.99

Spotted Fin Glugged Hookbaits

Hallelujah! Pre-glugged hookbaits that save you all the fuss and mess! Spotted Fin offer a range of hookbaits pre-soaked for maximum simplicity and attraction.

Sticky Baits Pure Salmon Oil

Made from fresh Scottish salmon, this proven attractor is a gloriously rich liquid that carp love. Just a thin glaze on your hookbaits and freebies is enough for it to work its magic.

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Fox Adaptive Camouflage Soft Steel

Few main lines have had the staying power of Soft Steel over the years, and this latest version has Fox’s unique Adaptive Camouflage pattern for a broken outline underwater.

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Fortis Switch Glasses

Fortis Switch lenses are UV sensitive so they react to light conditions, giving you optimum fish-spotting vision in all conditions. Amber in low light, they darken if the suns gets brighter.

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Kryston Klin-ik

If you care about carp then having a liquid to treat cuts and sores is essential. Klin-ik is tried and tested and can be applied to hook holds, split fins, open wounds and missing scales quickly and easily.

Gardner Covert Tungsten XL-Kickers

A weighted kicker is a great way to get your hook turning in the fish’s mouth and grabbing hold. These new XL versions are 25mm long for a set-up that safely extends the shank. They can also be trimmed to size.

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ESP Stalker 8’ 2.75lb TC

The perfect length for ducking and diving among trees and foliage in tight swims, this handsome stalking rod has that impeccable ESP pedigree, an olive-green blank and full-length EVA handle.

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Mitchell 9000 MX6 

The largest of the three MX6 Full Runner reels, the 9000 has massive cranking power and line capacity, plus an excellent freespool function, in a compact but durable package.

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Thinking Anglers C-Clips and C-Clip Silicone Pieces

Simple but perfectly done, these C-Clips can be used as a ‘rotten bottom’ on helicopter rigs to discharge your lead if it becomes snagged or weeded up. The matching silicone sleeves are designed to fit perfectly over the top.
£2.99 and £3.45

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Wychwood Carp Tarp XL

Storing and transporting a bivvy in the summer months can be hassle. That’s not so with Wychwood’s XL version of their hit Carp Tarp. This multi-purpose product is light, packs down to a size zero and thanks to fastenings around all four sides, it means it can also be secured as a bedchair cover, keeping your bag protected from dampness.