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The hugely popular VaderX range from Sonik has a new XL model…


Sonik’s VaderX range of reels has been delighting anglers on a strict budget for a number of years, and now there is a new version with the potential for swallowing an enormous amount of line. This larger-bodied model isn’t just big for the sake of extra size, there are also plenty of upgrades over the existing line up of VaderXs. Here are five things you can expect from the Pro 10000…

1. The Size
Sonik bill this as being both larger and more robust than the VaderX reels that have gone before it. The standard version can accommodate 480 metres (525yds) of 0.30mm main line, but there is the option of buying an Extra Deep spare spool for £14.99 that holds 580 metres, or about 634yds, of the same diameter. That huge capacity lends itself to European or big-pit adventures where boat work might be crucial.

2. Line Lay
Improved line lay is definitely something Sonik are proud of with this new Pro 10000 model. That’s all thanks to the durable and consistent worm drive gearing and the ability to micro-adjust the line lay depending on your line diameter with the use of washers. Married to that good line lay is a floating rotor line guard to keep all that line in check. 

3. Smoothness
Big-pit reels can be as large as they like, but if they handle like a bag of bolts then the experience quickly becomes a frustrating one. Thankfully, this new reel has been bestowed with six internal ball bearings and an oversized twist-free line roller. It also has a graphite body and rotor to keep weight to a respectable 575g.

4. Updated Line Clips
Sonik have looked at the details as well as the big picture when designing the Pro 10000. Part of that attention to detail extends to improving the line guard and the inclusion of new line clips which are much kinder to the main line. There are two of these spring-loaded clips on each spool to give you a degree of versatility with your spots.

5. Price
Having read this far you might have a certain price point in mind, so it might come as a surprise to learn that this feature-packed reel has a recommended retail price of just £69.99. You do not get a spare spool for that price, but you can buy standard spares for £14.99 or the aforementioned Extra Deep version for the same price.

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