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Are Avid's new Digital Scales a worthy replacement for your old dials?

Built for toughness and accuracy, Avid’s new digi scales are now here and here's what we made of them...


Despite social-media protestations that ‘weight is immaterial’ and ‘you don’t need to worry about weight when they look like this’, pounds and ounces are still the yardstick by which almost all of us measure our catches. Because of that, a reliable set of scales is vital. Enter the new ones from Avid…

Aren’t these just another set of scales?
Well, it’s certainly hard to re-invent the wheel when it comes to scales but Avid have thrown a lot of effort into making these ones both useful and long lasting.

How so?
Toughness has clearly been a top design priority here. The scales are made from a stainless-steel frame with a reinforced over-moulded body. The fold-out handles are also stainless steel with ergonomic coverings, while the screen has a reinforced sealed cover to prevent damage and water ingress. The weighing hook, which can be flimsy on some cheap models, is also made from stainless steel and is built to support the largest of carp. 

What do they measure in?
Both pounds and kilos are catered for up to 132lb or 60kg in 1oz increments. The screen is large and backlit for easy reading in all conditions. The three-button layout allows you to change from metric to imperial, zero your sling and turn the unit on and off.

How is it powered?
The Avid Digital Scales take a single 9V battery and have a low-battery warning indicator on screen. They come supplied with a neoprene protective case and retail for £69.99.

Quote from a pro
“I’ve been using these scales for over a year and they are absolutely brilliant! They are super-compact and very lightweight, meaning you can drop them in the rucksack and easily lose them, unlike some of the more traditional scales carp anglers use that weigh a ton and need a barrow to carry them! The built-in handle makes for easy use."

“The biggest carp I’ve weighed in so far on my own using these scales is a 62lb mirror from Germany. Although it was a heavy fish on my own, there was no bouncing of the dial which I’d have needed to steady if I’d been using dial scales. The digital display is simple to read, and more importantly the battery drainage is minimal. In fact, I’m still on the original batteries after a great deal of use. All in all, they are brilliant scales and the perfect addition to any carpers tackle bag.”


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