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Avid Carp Benchmark Lite Bedchair

Avid’s new Benchmark beds have been on a diet…


The concept of a luxurious bedchair with a memory-foam mattress is unique to Avid and has provided plenty of anglers with welcome respite from backache on the bank. However, such comfort does require some bulk and earlier versions of the Benchmark range were not the lightest. Now, though, Avid have stripped back the excess weight but have kept the trademark mattress to create the Lite Bed and Lite System. The Telford firm are so proud of the results of this crash diet that they confidently state the latter is not just the lightest system they have ever made, but the lightest system ever produced full stop.

They’ve not sacrificed comfort for lightness - the Lite is uber comfy

The Big Five

New frame
Bog-standard bedchairs are generally constructed with steel frames, while lighter versions are often upgraded to aluminium. For this weight-saving mission, however, Avid have made the frames out of magnesium alloy for an even greater reduction in pounds and ounces. 

Quality mattress
Avid’s commitment to memory foam remains, and both the Lite Bed and Lite System feature the super-supportive material. Moulding to the contours of your body, these mattresses provide the sort of comfort and support you get from your bed at home.

The scales don’t lie
So how much weight have Avid managed to save with these new models? A considerable amount! The standard Benchmark Memory Foam Bed weighs 12.2kg, while this new Lite version is an incredible 6.9kg. The standard system is 14kg, while the Lite is only 9.6kg.

Smaller package
As part of the weight-saving measures, Avid have slightly shrunk these beds. The standard bed has been reduced from 205cm to 200cm long in this Lite variant, but remains 85cm wide. The system has actually got 5cm wider at 90cm across, but is 10cm shorter at 200cm long.

Retained comfort
With no handwheel, these beds lie perfectly flat with a lateral sleep design and a unique leg-adjustment mechanism. The system boasts a three-season sleeping bag which is fleece-lined, while both have extra-large mudfeet and heavy-duty throw hinges for easy packing away with a sleeping bag inside.

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