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Avid Carp's Armorok Hook Range

Avid's forthcoming hook range is both tough and sharp


Avid pride themselves on their end-tackle range, so a new selection of hooks from the Shropshire company is big news. Avid are the carp wing of the all-conquering Preston Innovations business, so there are no off-the-shelf rebranded goods here - the new Armorok range has been designed from the ground up.

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STRONG, SHARP & RELIABLE! 💪🔥 The Armorok Hook range is the product of a 2-year testing and development process of utilising the latest hook manufacturing processes and materials available. Using a high-grade carbon steel, the Armorok Hook range uses the highest ratio of carbon to steel possible. The result of using such a high carbon to steel ration is a stronger, more durable & higher quality finish. Armorok Hooks are finished with a premium grade super smooth PTFE coating which not only improves hook discretion but also aids with hook penetration. The needle-sharp point is the result of the very latest market-leading technology & unique point grinding process, whereby each and every hook is chemically sharpened to perfection ensuring every Armorok hook is sticky sharp, yet durable straight from the packet. Keep your eyes on our social media platforms over the next few weeks for more information! 🙌 Available from Avid stockists soon! 🙌 #avid #aviccarp #armorok #avidcarp #avid #letsavid #outline #carpfishing #carp #fishing #carpe #karpfen #carpa #karper #šaran #karp #kapr #карп #шаран #karpe #krap #короп #karpervissen #carp #angling #carplife #carpangler #peche #carpfishinguk #bigcarp #fishinglife #carping

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Made with the highest possible ratio of carbon to steel, this trio of new hooks is said to be stronger and more durable than ever, with a higher-quality PTFE coating that increases penetration speed by up to 50 percent. Striking the right balance between sharpness and toughness is a tricky one, but it appears Avid are onto a winner here. The release date is yet to be announced but as soon as we know, you’ll know.


Every hook range needs an out-turned-eye pattern for use with the stiffest of hooklink materials, and this line-up is no exception. The eye is out-turned by eight degrees and, like all the versions in the range, is treated to a unique grinding process and chemical sharpening to create needle-like, eye-watering penetration.


The Curve is the one to grab when tying up Ronnies and 360ºs. It features a straight eye for use with any hooklink material and a mid-length shank angled at 25 degrees. The combination of high-grade carbon steel and premium-grade PTFE coating gives these hooks a blend of sticky sharpness and rugged durability.


All bases are covered with the addition of a wide-gape pattern in this new range. A great all-rounder, equally at home on bottom-bait and pop-up rigs, the Armorok Wide Gape has all the attributes of its two siblings for strength and precision. Like the rest of the range, they come in packets of 10 in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8.

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