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Trakker Cayman: Best In Class

Meet the Cayman - Trakker's latest bivvy that's best in class and turning a lot of heads

Using that very clever formula of: less + even less = lighter, Trakker are proving they mean business when it comes to winning awards for 'Best In Class' products. Using this formula, they've taken all the pedigree from their platinum bankside homes, put it on a crash diet over the summer, removed all the excess flab and the result is something quite startling. They've named it the Cayman Bivvy and we've had the pleasure of setting it up, taking it down and generally testing it for the past four months.

The first thing you'll notice when looking at the Cayman is its sleek, practical and well-designed exterior. The Trakker designers have opted for a two-rib system which creates an almost-flat rear. This design maximises internal space, as it enables the user to position their bedchair further back, creating more room for the rest of the gear and further protecting them from the elements. Because these two-rubs only have two breaks, setting up time is reduced, giving you, as Trakker correctly state, 'more time to concentrate on what is important: your angling.'

It's packed with niceties: peak to the front of the bivvy, interlocking frame support system, roll-up mozzi window in the door, clear window, heavy-duty groundsheet, tension strap, heavy-duty T-pegs and zipped carry bag. It?s made from Trakker's tried and tested 4oz nylon fabric and when packed away it measures a measly 145 x 22 x 22cm brilliant news for us all then.

The Cayman isn't just a spring, summer and autumn bankside home either. Although in its standard form it'll keep you protected during the winter months perfectly fine, Trakker have made an Extended Wrap available which converts it into a twin-skin shelter, increasing heat retention and reducing condensation. Plus, once in place, the wrap also creates a small porch area to the front of the shelter which is perfect for storing extra items of gear when session fishing.

So what do we make of it four months after taking it out of its packaging In a word: brilliant. It packs down to literally nothing, it weighs nothing and it goes up and down within seconds. Last time out we tried really to find some faults. 24hrs later and we were still hunting. Ahhh, that's gotta be it: the price? Damn, it's still cheaper than their competitors for its class.

'GIMME': Cayman One Man, £199.99; Two Man, £249.99; Extended Wrap One Man, £109.99; Extended Wrap Two Man, £129.99; trakkerproducts.co.uk