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It's smaller, neater, better and decidedly lightweight. It's Nash Tackle's new bite alarm

If 2012 was the year tackle innovation re-explode, then Kevin Nash of Nash Tackle was the man lighting the match and tipping petrol on the fire. The tackle inventor brought us totally flat bedchairs and rods and landing nets that'll pack down so small you can fit them in a sports car. But in his own words during the October 2012 trade show, "we're only just getting started." And less than 30 days into the New Year he's already proving he wasn't joking with the launch of the S5 Bite Alarm.

If you're hoping for a fistful of clever electronics, such as those found on their top-end Siren, then you'll be disappointed. However, what you get is total reliability and really, just the key features you need on a bite alarm: latching LED, Run LED, adjustable volume control, black wheel, built-in line guard, soft PVA case and an extra long battery life. 

The Styling
This is where the S5 breaks the mould of budget bite alarms: it actually looks good. No, we'll correct ourselves: it looks truly amazing. Measuring less than 4cms across and 9cms high, it's dainty, pretty and overall, just very 'carpy' looking.  

Thanks to be totally bespoke and having been designed and tested here in the UK, reliability isn't something Nash has to worry about. "I will give you an example of the difference in quality of the S5 to other budget priced alarms," states a very confident Kevin when we pose the question: "It survived being dropped into a lake and no other low-cost alarm we tested could do that."

The S5 performed very well in our 'Bite Alarms: Tested' feature which appeared in the September edition last year. In performed exceptionally well in that same test for its price case. In terms of decibel output, the S5 achieved 90, which in English means it's very loud should you wish to set it that high. It's very sensitive too, registering a run after just 1.2cm of line movement and 0.9cm for a drop back. What's really impressive about this bite alarm though is its price: just £27.99. All of these features; all of those stunning looks for less than thirty-quid a head. Brilliant.


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