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Classic Functionality From Shimano

Searching for a more carpier food bag to replace that bright orange one you purchased from TK Max?

1. Shimano Trench Deluxe Camera Bag
Unless you own a set of Aero Technium Mags, the chances are your camera will be the most expensive item of kit you take angling. Shimano realised this and have designed and sewn a dual-purpose camera bag. 1. The fitted watertight storm flap means you can haul all your expensive glass and mirrorless camera bodies around without worrying about those cloudy skies, whilst internally there are 12 elasticated loops for safely securing lenses, flashes and other removable accessories. And for the star of the bag—your actual camera—Shimano have packed this section out with extreme levels of padding. And 2. It’s been designed to fit perfectly on all barrows. Oh, are you a vlogger or fish alone? You’ll be pleased to know there are compression straps on the side for carrying your tripod. £79.99


2. Shimano Trench Deluxe Food Bag
If a decent food bag is on your ‘out-of-lockdown-celebration’ list, ask for this: a thermal central compartment to house all your food, along with a built-in dining table and a couple of cutlery sets to complete your alfresco dining experience. Just as with the Camera Bag, this has been designed to fit neatly and securely onto all barrows, and that same watertight storm flap lid doubles nicely as that makeshift dining table we referenced. At the far end of the bag you’ll discover a third (large) pocket to stowaway your cookware kit, which has helpfully been finished in a wipe-clean material to ensure that hygiene is never neglected. If we were handing out awards for the most perfect food bag, this would take top spot. £119.99

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