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Clip On, Clip Off

Introducing two key components of Speero’s spectacular modular system


Speero arrived on the carp scene late last year with a range of products that had clearly undergone rigorous testing and research before launch. Central to Speero’s range of luggage is what they call their Modular Clip-On System, which allows various elements to be clipped together, or removed, depending on the situation. We’re looking at the DPM options here, but like all Speero luggage, Standard Green versions of each product are also available.

One of the building blocks of the modular system is this rucksack. It has been designed with ease of access in mind. There are five external pockets, each with military-grade zips with double zip pullers and chunky tags. The main front pocket has seven bankstick slots and pockets for front and rear buzzer bars with alarms. The other outer pockets have been well designed to accommodate carping essentials. Inside you get three removable pouches which are great for keeping essentials close at hand, plus an inner mesh pocket on the underside of the lid.

Comfort is provided by generous contoured back padding, plus padded shoulder straps with clips at waist and chest level. The 600D Cordura material is super tough and all stress points have been reinforced. Wipe-clean heavy-duty material is present on the main standing base and on the bases of the external pockets.

CARPology Editor's Opinion
“I’ve long been a rucksack patriot ever since I purchased my first DAM rucksack back in the mid-90s. In my eyes the Speero Modular Rucksack is the pinnacle of the rucksack design principle. Once you’ve configured how you want everything stored, it makes living out of a rucksack so much easier.” JOSEPH EARL-WRIGHT

Perfectly complementing the rucksack is this clip-on cool bag which sits securely on top and or bottom. Utilising Speero’s extra-tough nylon clips, which won’t crack or snap whatever the weather, this slimline cool bag is secured at all four corners with an adjustable strap on each one. It has a 12-litre capacity and is insulated with Speero’s Thermo Cooling System to keep 5kg of bait, or various food items, chilled for longer. The inner cover is made from a hard-wearing material that can be wiped clean.

The bag is made from the same 600D Cordura material that is present throughout the Speero lineup, and also features a tough and comfortable grab handle to help lift it to and from the rucksack, or when using it as a standalone cool bag.

There are twin zip pullers on the military-spec zipper for ease of access and, like the main rucksack, all stress points on the bag have been reinforced.

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