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Coats Of Warmth

Don’t let cold easterly summer winds interrupt your lake hikes. Throw on either of these top-half warmers and sit or stroll snuggly


BEST FOR: Totally unrestricted movement, but warmth production where needed.
The front and rear panels of this gilet are stuffed with insulation (marked in a khaki green) which retains its warming properties even if it gets slightly damp. It also blocks out other irksome spring elements, namely wind, thanks to the soft-touch windproof fabric used on the sides. These fleece-lined panels, just like the matching full jacket, offer more movement without restricting your casting/climbing. Three zip-up pockets - two side and one on the chest - can safely house all your essentials.

BEST FOR: Those who want a full jacket minus the bulk.
The new Thermite is a packable but protective shell for when winds are at their strongest, and coldest. Khaki green quilted front and rear panels, plus the hood, retain heat in the areas where it really matters. The arms and side panels are spun from a soft-touch black windproof fabric which have been fleece-lined so they allow for more movement without compromising on warmth. The coat also has an abundance of pockets for things like your phone and/or receiver. Like the Body Warmer, this is available in sizes M to XXL.

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