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Daiwa Poetry In Motion

It doesn’t get much better than this… Daiwa’s new-for-2021 (and yet another attempt at the world record for the longest product name in reel history): the 20 Tournament Basia 45 SCW

Luxuriously smooth
There are nine ball bearings in these new Basias (just in case you’ve forgotten the name: 20 Tournament Basia 45 SCW!) allowing you smooth access to all their cranking power. With a gear ratio of 4.9 to one, each turn of the beautifully crafted machine-cut aluminium handle retrieves 104cm of line. Smooth Cross Wrap (SCW) provides precise line lay while Daiwa’s Digigear internals effortlessly take the strain.  

No dip in performance
These reels are kept in peak condition thanks in part to a process known as Magsealing. This is the term Daiwa uses to describe a special liquid that acts like oil to lubricate parts, but, when magnetised, forms an impenetrable barrier to dust, grit and water. The upshot is a reel that’ll go forever without a degradation in performance. It’s seriously impressive technology! 

So light
These are reels that deserve to be seen and appreciated ‘in the metal’, but picking one up might give you the greatest shock of all. Despite being proper big-pit reels they weigh just 520g (or 18.3oz) each, and feel beautifully balanced at that. Even when the spool is at the top of the spindle you won’t notice any transfer of balancing point. They really are the reel industry’s equivalent to a Rolls-Royce Phantom or a Rolex Yacht-Master. 


All the toys
You get the full menu of Daiwa specialities on these reels. A 45mm-long spool provides optimum casting distance, while the HIP high-impact line clip cushions your mainline at the end of a precise cast. Daiwa’s familiar QD drag system goes from locked up to free running very quickly, while the Zaion body, Air Rotor and Air Bail keep weight to a minimum without sacrificing rigidity. 

Gorgeous looks
Almost pearlescent metallic shades collide with flashes of red to create something that looks as good as it performs. We reckon Daiwa have come out of their shell a little bit with reel design in the last few years and this is one of their best lookers of all time. It’s not flashy or ostentatious, but it’s also not afraid to be visually appealing, which perhaps couldn’t be said of this model’s slightly too muted predecessor. We love it, and sorry, Daiwa, we won’t be returning it! (N.B. What are the chances of another two?!) From £750 RRP


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