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DT Bait Supa Fruit Range

DT Baits’ Supa Fruit is a bait for all seasons...


Blending a total of 14 ingredients, this light-coloured fruity boilie is made from a milk protein base with added tigernut meal. Unlike fishmeal-based boilies, which can lose their efficiency in colder water, Supa Fruit is an ideal winter bait and one that can be used throughout the year. Many anglers familiar with the DT range use it as a ‘transition’ boilie when the water is cooling or in spring as it warms up again. 

The flavour combination mixes sweet damson, sour cream and milk B+. The sour cream element contains N-butyric acid, which is a very strong and proven attractor that cuts through silty backgrounds. Digestibility comes from the milk proteins and the coarse tigernut meal used in the construction of the base mix. Flecks of colour and texture are also provided by rape seeds and chopped maize. 

Supa Fruit boilies are available direct from the DT Baits website in 1, 5 or 10kg packs in both frozen and shelf-life varieties, and can be selected in either 15 or 18mm sizes. As you would expect from such a well-established bait-maker, there are also plenty of supporting products in the range, these include matching pellets, pop-ups, hard hookbaits, boosted hookbaits, washed-out pop-ups, a boilie dip, a bait spray, an active liquid food and the base mix itself. You can also save money by buying a 5 or 10kg Session Pack which includes pellets, hookbaits and liquid.

Pricing guide

Boilies From £12.35
Session Bundle 5kg £59.99
Session Bundle 10kg £91.90
Pop-Ups £6.60
Hard Hookbaits £4.95
DNA Supa Fruit £10.99
Boilie Dip £7.42
Washed Out Pop-Ups £6.60
Boosted Hookbaits £6.50
Bait Spray £5.99
Base Mix £8.49