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DT Bait Supa Fruit

DT don’t always shout about how good their kit is, so we’re going to! They’ve been around for donkey’s and keep adding to what is already a bloody brilliant range

From the fateful moment that the first boilie rolled off the DT Baits production line, waaay back in 1988, their renowned range has been catching carp. Founded by big-carp man, Dave Thorpe, the DT brand quickly grew a cult following, which was strengthened following its acquisition of innovative bait firm, Cotswold Baits, in 1997. Fast-forward to 2003 and Simon Hammersley and James Wilsmer took the reins, building on that rich heritage to establish DT. And now, in 2017, the new owners, Brett and Tom McGregor, plan to really make DT Baits a big player in the bait game. We’ve identified a few key products that will give you an insight into the stunning stuff that the Essex-based firm turns out…

1. Supa Fruit Washed-Out Pop-Ups

Cunningly, these pale-pink pop-ups have been made to look like they’re ‘safe’ baits that have been out in the pond for a long time. Open a tub and you’ll just know that these babies will do the trick, especially in the winter and early spring. Want Supa Fruit in other colours too? DT has thought of that too, producing pots of mixed-colour pop-ups in 12 and 15mm with the addictive Supa-Fruit attractor package. “GIMME”: £6.49

2. Supa Fruit DNA

This mysterious liquid is attractive to carp 365 days a year. Its make-up is unique to DT, and therefore remains a closely guarded secret. What we do know is that this dense liquid is packed with goodies such as omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, alpha linolenic-acid and a whole host of naturally occurring sugars and carbohydrates. Use it to boost your hookbaits or as a glug for freebies as well as particles. “GIMME”: £10.99

3. All-Season Supa Fruit Pellets

These pellets smell heavenly, with a distinctive creamy, fruity note. A low oil content makes them the perfect cold-water pellet and means that the fish can eat loads of them.

4. Juicy Peach Taste Tract Flavour

Mouthwatering… simply mouth-watering. This nature-identical flavour is great when used with a fishmeal base mix, either on its own, or blended with Sour Cream, Pineapple Chunks or Fresh Orange Taste Tracts. “GIMME”: £10.99 for 50ml

5. Pineapple Chunks Taste Tract Flavour

We all know how devastating a pineapple pop-up can be, right? Well, this beautiful flavour has all the punch of pineapple, with none of the nasty chemical back-note that ruins some versions. This is a super-rounded flavour that is crying out to be used in some classic yellow pop-ups. “GIMME”: £10.99 for 50ml

6. Just Chocolate Taste Tract Flavour

This dark chocolate flavour is actually used in chocolate cakes in the food industry, and it’ll give your baits a unique spin that the carp in your lake might not have seen! Blend it with DT’s Condensed Milk to make baits that you’ll want to eat yourself. “GIMME”: £10.99 for 50ml

7. Fresh Orange Taste Tract Flavour

One of the real big-hitters in the DT range, this awesome flavour has a serious big fish pedigree. Combined with the Fish ‘N’ Blood base mix, you’ve got a proven combo that has accounted for some of the UK’s finest over the last 20 years. “GIMME”: £10.99 for 50ml