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Dynamite Baits New Hit 'N' Run Hookbaits

Dynamite’s collaboration with Rob Hughes has just expanded...


Dynamite Baits Hit N Run
Launched last year, Dynamite’s Hit N Run range of hookbaits proved an instant success, and the lineup has just expanded for 2020. The creation of these pop-ups and wafters paired Rob’s unique diving experiences with Dynamite’s bait-making mastery. While observing the underwater world during years of diving, Rob had spotted that certain colours looked and performed better over particular types of lakebed. In response, he paired up with Dynamite to create some baits to match.

The resulting Hit N Run range features four colours perfectly suited for use in any carp fishing situation and, just a year after launch, these pop-ups have already been responsible for plenty of new personal bests and big catches. Each of the four baits can of course be used in any scenario, but each one has been tailored for use in certain waters. White is designed for deep water and silty bottoms; pink is for clear water or weed; yellow is for clear water or gravel, and red is for cloudy water or clay.

The initial run has now been expanded to include 12 and 15mm pop-ups in each colour and a 14mm barrel-shaped wafter across the board. As an added bonus, every £3.99 pot comes with a bottle of booster liquid containing essential oils. 

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