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ESP Balancing Beads

Putty is so Noughties! Tidy up and balance your Ronnies and Hinges in utter neatness ease…


ESP Balance Beads are an excellent new alternative to tungsten putty for balancing pop-ups. The moulded beads contain 75% tungsten and are available in two sizes - Small (0.3g) and Large (0.6g) which can be tailored to different sized hooks and pop-ups to create critically balanced presentations and come in three colours: Green, Brown and Dark Grey.

Unlike putty which requires moulding and trimming to achieve the right amount, Balance Beads provide a predictable, consistent alternative which are quick and easy to use and also super durable and reusable. Plus, they are a real edge on crayfish-infested venues where putty is particularly vulnerable.

The beads are designed to be a tight fit over a swivel knot on a Ronnie Rig boom or jammed over the eye of a size 11 swivel on a Hinge Rig. A central membrane which needs to be pierced to thread the bead enhances the grip of the bead on the hooklink above the knot. They can also be drilled out with a 1mm drill to fit over double barrel crimps.

How To Use
Pierce the bead with a splicing needle or fine bait needle and thread it onto the hooklink with the wider bore facing the knot or swivel the bead will fit over.

On a swivel knot, twist the bead onto the knot slightly for a really secure grip. On a Hinge Rig flatten the bead to widen the bore and pull down over the swivel eye.

Test the balance of your rig/pop-up in the margins. If necessary, to achieve really critical-balancing, the bead can be trimmed with a pair of scissors. Job done!

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