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Fortis Isolators AMPM Amber

The latest glasses from the Fortis stable are here to give you a fish-spotting edge...

The Big Questions

Is this a new frame?
Yep, the Isolators join the ever-expanding product range from Fortis. The bendable arms allow the glasses to be tailored to your head shape, giving a surefooted hold when peering into the water.

Less chance of them falling into the drink, then?
Absolutely. Fortis call these ‘out-and-out fish-spotting weapons’, so as well as the confidence that they’ll stay on your head they’ve also got eye jackets with integrated air-flow to ensure you can isolate the fish free from peripheral distractions and fogging.

And what about the lens?
The AMPM Amber is a familiar lens in the Fortis lineup. It’s been available on a number of previous frame designs before and it really helps with fish spotting in all lights. Renowned tree-climber Scott Lloyd is a massive fan of these lenses.

What’s so good about them?
That amber hue really helps flood your eyes with light, even on grey days or when the water is choppy, enabling you to see even the subtlest signs of fish. Putting them on is almost like gaining an extra sense.

What’s in the box and what are the figures like?
Each pair comes with a case and cleaning cloth as standard and will set you back £44.99.

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