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Fox Flatliner Bedchair

Fox have redesigned the already-impressive Flatliner to create their most comfortable bedchair ever

Cliff Fox was the first man to bring a specially designed bedchair to the carp market back in the early 80s and the company that bears his name has been blazing a trail in this field ever since. In 2011, Fox sent shockwaves through the market with the original Flatliner, which had revolutionary rotating cam wheels that could be positioned out of the way for a fully flat bed. Next came the Flatliter, which did away with the cam wheels and replaced them with double hinges and, here today, is the latest evolutionary step: the new Flatliner 6 and 8 Leg Bedchairs.
£340.00 and £359.99

1 New legs
Fox have completely redesigned the legs, incorporating a new one-touch Spring Loc leg mechanism, on which a patent is pending. This makes for hassle-free adjustment, particularly when reaching round to the far legs at the back of your shelter. The adjustable legs are also now longer, giving you increased flexibility and comfort on uneven ground and to help ease stress on your back when sitting on the side of the beds.

2 No sag or flat spots
The large double hinges which became a Fox feature from the introduction of the Flatliter now accommodate the mattress’s elastic, meaning there are no flat spots anywhere along the length of the bed. The inclusion of this sprung tension even in the hinges, plus Fox’s fold-over lumbar-support design, creates consistent firmness throughout the bed.

3 New leg-locking mechanism
The six-leg version of the new Flatliners has four conventional legs in the middle, plus two single legs at the foot and head of the bed. These give extra support and rigidity without the extra weight of a double-leg system. They also now lock in place in a simple manner - either at 90 degrees to the mattress when in use, or flat against it when packing up.

4 Ultimate flexibility
The new range of Flatliners can be bought in a number of different ways. The eight-leg and the six-leg versions are available on their own, or you can buy them as a complete ‘system’ with either a three-season or five-season sleeping bag attached. If you are torn between the option of a system and a standalone bed, you can also buy the zip-in sleeping bags separately, allowing you to purchase them after you have bought one of the beds.

5 Dimensions
The new Flatliners measure 84cm wide by 215cm long. The adjustable legs give a minimum height of 38cm, with a maximum of 52cm, and weight is recorded at 14.75kg for the 6 Leg and 16kg for the 8 Leg. Fox have also included a neat strapping system that allows you to really compress the beds for stowing away. An adjustable strap on each side of the bed goes around the frame, rather than the mattress.

Key Features