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Full Stem Ahead With Avid

PVA bagging has rarely been so efficient (or refined)


It’s fair to say that Avid know what they’re doing around solid PVA bags. They’ve got a host of products designed to make the tactic as efficient and simple as possible, and have led the way with a number of innovations including the bag-loader concept and elongated lead stems. This month sees the launch of the evolution of the original Bag Stem. Here’s everything you need to know… 


I do like using solid bags, but it’s such a faff… 
Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But these new products from Avid certainly remove a large amount of that pain. Firstly, the new Bag Stems make it so much easier to tie bags in advance simply swap a wet used one for a fresh new one each cast. The stems are tough elongated inserts for inline leads with an integral metal loop at the top on which to tie your main line. If you use a loop knot attachment you
can switch bags
in seconds.

What do these stems do?
They provide a degree of anti-tangle assurance but also help to stabilise solid PVA bags during casting. They come in either Short or Long versions, so they can be suited to all sizes of inline lead and solid bags. 


They look different to other stems…
That’ll be the camo patterning. Avid call it ‘Outline’ and that flecked design has been successfully deployed across their range of products for a couple of years. It really helps these stems blend into any lakebed. 


Why can I see two different swivel attachments on the stems?
Well spotted! You can buy these stems with a large ring swivel on which to attach your hooklink and give it maximum movement, or, if you feel you might need to tweak your presentation or swap over blunt hooks, there’s QC version with a quick clip. If you opt for the latter, Avid also make very handy Micro Sleeves, which are basically chopped-down anti-tangle sleeves ideal for use with short, supple PVA-bag rigs. They keep the hooklink from slipping off the QC swivel, but don’t restrict the natural movement of the presentation. As you would come to expect from such a complete range, these are also treated to that pleasing Outline camo flecking. 


Neat. The only thing we haven’t covered is lead choice—what options have I got?
Avid have pioneered inline leads designed specifically for solid PVA bags, and the current range is still a market leader. Designed with flat profiles to sit snuggly in solid bags yet still provide maximum hooking potential when picked up, these leads also have a lovely dull finish and that camo detail. The slit down the top of these leads allows them to be quickly changed and discharge safely if a fish becomes snagged. They are available in sizes from 1.5oz all the way up to 4oz.


Outline Bag Stems £3.99
Micro Anti-Tangle Sleeves £2.99
Outline In-Line Safety Lead £1.80

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