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Gardner Tackle Ultra Sink Tungsten

The latest member of the Gardner Ultra family is a heavyweight beauty

Tungsten-impregnated coated hooklinks have existed for a number of years and are loved by anglers looking for a sinking material that will stay close to the lakebed yet provide the flexibility of an inner core and removable outer. Gardner have clearly paid close attention to existing options available and, in typical fashion, have put their own unique spin on this sector of the market with the release of the new Ultra Sink Tungsten. 

This hooklength material’s key selling point is that as well as having a tungsten-infused outer coating the inner core has also been made as heavy as possible with a mixture of Dyneema and fluorocarbon filaments. Gardner’s own terminal-tackle fetishist Lewis Read is clearly excited about this product and the company confidently state it is the “fastest sinking, densest skinned hooklink available”. It certainly adds to what is already an impressive Ultra range - with the original Ultra Skin and the Ultra Skin stiff providing different levels of suppleness if required. 

Like its stablemates, the new Ultra Sink Tungsten boasts a fine diameter and a strong coating that won’t fracture when tightening down Figure-Of-Eight knots, but which remains easy to peel back. It certainly looks and feels mightily impressive, with noticeable weight and a mid-level stiffness. In what is a trademark of the Gardner coated-hooklink lineup, it also boasts an impressive strength-to-diameter ratio. 

The Ultra Sink is available in a conservatively rated 25lb breaking strain on 15m spools and there are three different colours, all with a distinctive and very pleasing low-glare finish for extra concealment. You can opt for Deep Green, Natural Silt or Muddy Brown.