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Gardner Tackle UltraPults

If you’re looking for short-range baiting accuracy, pick up a ‘pult

Underused by many carp anglers, who skip straight to spods or throwing sticks, a catapult is a great way to introduce a spread of bait from close- to medium-range - and these two from Gardner lead the way. The UltraPult and UltraPult Mini are designed for quick, easy and consistent bait application.

1. Solid design

These two UltraPults are constructed around reinforced moulded frame that is rigid yet lightweight. That rigidity stops twist and therefore fires your bait out straight and true. It also allows you to crank up the power in the elastic, enabling you to reach longer distances.

2. Rock-steady grip

As well as the solid frame, these UltraPults are designed with a sculpted hand grip with an anti-slip finish. This is crucial when baiting up with coated boilies or wet particles and allows you to get into a comfortable and accurate rhythm when trying to hit a certain spot.

3. Flexibility

Firstly, there are two size options. The smaller version has a frame that’s 12cm across, while its bigger brother is 16cm across. You can also buy the larger UltraPult in either boilie or particle variants. The boilie version has a medium-sized pouch, while the particle version is larger.

4. Fantastic elastic

The driving force behind the UltraPults is the elastic. Gardner have chosen heavy-duty US surgical elastics. These are attached with anti-twist fittings to prevent tangles and maintain the elastic’s condition.

5. Accessories

Gardner have provided a full range of spares and accessories for these catapults. You can buy spare elastics for both models, and you can also pick up the boilie or particle pouches separately to enable you to chop and change your catapult set-up.

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