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Hottest Singles In Town From New Direction!

New Direction's carbon 3 rod 'singles' system... It’s all about stability but no bulk with this set-up


True to their ethos of leaving no stone unturned and no option-box left unticked, New Direction Tackle (or ND for short) have crammed a lot into this package. Promising rigidity without excess weight, it’s an all-in-one rod-support system that can be set-up in a variety of ways and can be used in conjunction with separate accessories. Here’s everything you need to know… 

Is this a pod or goalpost set-up?!
It’s neither! This set-up allows your alarms and rear rests to sit on individual uprights as they would in a single-stick set-up, but with the extra bracing of ‘upside-down’ buzzer bars – horizontal supports that sit at ground level rather than alarm level. 

Is it freestanding then?
No, there are six points of contact where the uprights pierce the ground. On the three-rod set-up the central uprights dig deepest into the ground, while the two outside sticks sit slightly shallower, a bit like a trident or pitchfork. 

Is that stable and secure enough?
It should be in most scenarios, but this being ND they’ve gone for a belt-and-braces approach and included front and rear stabilising prongs in each kit. These have a dedicated mounting point and further anchor the whole system into the ground. 


That’s a lot of components… is it heavy?
Don’t worry, it’s almost all carbon fibre, which really cuts down on the overall weight without compromising the strength of each individual piece. And you also can’t deny that carbon just looks stunning. In fact, the whole thing is very sleek with black collars contrasting with the white ND logos.

Okay, so it’s solid and lightweight, but how well does it pack down?
It comes supplied with a very well-thought-out carry case that is probably much more compact than you would imagine. The uprights slot into place on the outside of the bag, while your alarms and other accessories can be stored in the internal zip-up pockets which have clear PVC windows. The Singles System is also fully compatible with New Direction’s very neat Magnetic Butt Rests and front quick-release plates, which allow for instant attachment and removal of your alarms.


Doesn’t think style of rod set-up cost an absolute bomb…?
From other companies, yes; New Direction, not so much! ND sell directly on Amazon and eBay—which is very handy—and the whole system is currently available on those sites for under £130! All you need to provide is alarms, bobbins and butt rests and you’re good to go.

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