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In For The Long Haul

For the past 18 months, Speero’s simply named 'Rucksack' has been our editor's back and bivvy companion. Here's what he’s made of their time together…

Speero may be relatively new to the party but the people behind the brand have decades of knowledge, so each item stitches in years of industry experience - and it shows. Many times I have waxed lyrical about their 5/6 Rod Holdall, and I do the same about their Modular Rucksack (I favour the DPM option) at every opportunity.

Speero’s USP is to produce nigh-indestructible luggage, and they do. Super hard-wearing fabrics, military spec zips and stress point reinforcement offer unrivalled levels of protection for your tackle box, alarms, brew kit and whatever else you stow away in it.

Designed as one of the building blocks of their Modular System (hence the name), it has been designed with ease of access in mind. The five external pockets (each fitted with those military-grade zips) have double zip pullers with chunky tags and all close with the same satisfying feel akin to that of closing a VW Golf door. They did that from day 1, and 1.5 years down the line they’re still doing it.

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The main front pocket will house seven banksticks plus your front and rear bars with alarms, but personally I use this space to store my System Tackle Box and instead use their matching DPM Buzzer Bar Bag for my rod support items which go in the main compartment.

Inside is very customisable too. There are three removable pouches (held in place with heavy-duty Velcro) that are perfect for scales, head torches, battery packs and the like. The inner mesh pocket on the underside of the lid is an ideal location for permits and licenses, and quickly nipping back outside, the wipe-clean, uber-tough material on the main standing base hasn’t even come close to being punctured. The same goes for the 600D Cordura material: it’s taken whatever I’ve thrown (and dragged it through) at it.

There’s no denying that I really do love this product. It’s strong; it’s so functional that even my OCD brain struggles to keep up with it; and it comes with a very fair price tag... what more could you ask for? £129.95

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