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JRC Extreme TXS Stainless Bankware

JRC’s new stainless range is built to last...

Precision milling equals drop-dead gorgeous looks

JRC have come striding back into the stainless market with a collection of super-strong items under the Extreme TXS banner. Not only are they rock solid and built to withstand abuse, they’re also pretty versatile, too. 

The Extreme TXS Buzz Bar comes in two or three-rod options and, like the entire range, is made from CNC-machined high-grade stainless steel. These buzzer bars can be fished on single banksticks or as a goalpost set-up with banksticks at either end. There are protective caps that go over the goalpost threads if you choose not to use them. These bars are width adjustable and sold in pairs. 

The matching bankstick is made from the same stainless steel and has a 12mm diameter. The inner section has its own spike so it can be removed for separate use and there’s an anti-loss thumbscrew for height adjustments. These banksticks come in 9-, 12-, 16-, 20-, 24- and 36-inches versions. If you are fishing on really hard ground, the Extreme TXS Auger Point Bankstick is available with a mean-looking auger point to drill into stubborn banks. 

The Extreme TXS Stage Stand complements the range and is tall enough to provide plenty of stability. Simply screw it into a platform swim with a centrally located screw. Elsewhere in the line up there are Extreme TXS Snag Ears made entirely from stainless steel, and a two-pronged Bankstick Stabiliser compatible with 12mm-diameter sticks.

Snag Ears are also available