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Kryston Melt-Ex High Performance PVA

Kryston have a PVA solution for all eventualities...

For decades, while most tackle companies were still just ideas inside anglers’ heads, Kryston have been pumping out top-notch PVA products unlike any others on the market. Sourcing the highest-quality PVA from Japan and then creating bespoke bags from it here in the UK, they have led the field for many years.

Melt-Ex bags

Manufactured in the UK from premium-grade PVOH (super-deluxe PVA), these bags have a touch of quality about them. The first thing you will notice is the stippled anti-static texture which means they don’t all fuse together in one horrible sticky sandwich - these bags pull apart effortlessly for quick deployment. They are also super strong, giving you the confidence to fill them and fling them without worrying about mid-air disintegration. The Melt-Ex bags can be used all year round and will melt in even the coldest conditions. They come in five different shapes and sizes, from the small Snak Paks (50mm by 85mm) up to the much larger Rocket Tubes (85mm by 190mm).

Melt-Ex Tape

You’ll recognise the texture and quality of the Meltex tape if you’ve seen Kryston’s PVA bags - it’s the same material in two handy tape formats. Great for securing Hairs, protecting hook points, creating stringers or securing solid bags, Meltex tape is available in a Standard 10mm width and an Extra-Wide 20mm version. Being Kryston, this stuff is strong and won’t go sticky or limp in humid conditions.