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Kryston Score Leadcore

There’s a leadcore for every occasion in the Kryston range

There’s nothing quite like leadcore to get your end tackle pinned down and concealed. It will also protect you from hazardous snags, and keep the fish safe during a fight. As you’d expect from Kryston, they have a comprehensive range of leadcores, with a product in the Score family to suit all needs.

Score Gold

Best used: In extreme conditions
Available in: Brown and Camou (60lb)
About: The ultimate leadcore, Score Gold is the heaviest available on the market. Just a 5m spool feels as heavy as much larger spools of rival leadcore. This stuff is threaded with SW20-grade lead and it hugs the bottom no matter what. If you’re fishing a lake with a big undertow, or facing savage conditions in running water, then this is the tool for you.
Price: £9.99


Best used: For margin or helicopter rigs
Available in: Brown and Camou
About: This is a no-nonsense heavyweight of a leadcore that’ll sink like a brick and keep your main line well out of the way of wary fish. Krsyton say it’s over three times heavier than many other leadcores on the market, so you know it won’t lift off the bottom easily. Made from Dyneema woven with high-tenacity polyester, this is a tough customer but remains easy to splice.
Price: £9.99

Score Zero

Best used: On lakes that ban leadcore and solid PVA bags
Available in: Brown and Camou (40lb)
About: This is the no-sugar Diet Coke version of the original Score - it’s a leadless leader that retains a lot of weight but is far suppler than traditional leadcore so it hugs the bottom, following the contours perfectly. To that end, it’s absolutely perfect for short sections behind solid PVA bags and for use on waters where leadcore is forbidden.
Price: £14.99