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Kryston: The Masters Of Braid

Kryston brought braid to the carp market way back in the 80s and continue to lead the way in 2020


Super Nova
BEST FOR: Super supple braid ideal for PVA bags.
AVAILABLE IN: 15, 25 and 35lb in Weed Green, Gravel Brown and Dark Silt.
ABOUT: The original high-tech braided hooklink, Super Nova has been responsible for the capture of thousands upon thousands of carp. It is exceptionally soft and supple, making it ideal for use in solid PVA bags. Its ability to move effortlessly under water is also great for situations where you want the carp to pick up your hookbait with no idea that it is connected to anything suspicious.
PRICE: £11.99

IN A NUTSHELL: Heavier but still supple and very strong.
AVAILABLE IN: 15, 25 and 35lb in Weed Green, Gravel Brown and Dark Silt.
ABOUT: Introduced in 1992, Merlin was a successor to Super Nova and came with a bit more weight to make it sink much more easily. It is made with high-strength Dyneema filaments interlaced with high-tenacity polyester to produce a strong yet supple braid that will withstand punishing snags and obstructions. It has excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance, making it a great all-rounder.
PRICE: £11.99

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