CARPology Reviews

Lay it on the line

Kryston have a trio of products to enhance and protect your main line

If you think line is line and once it’s on your spool there isn’t much you can do to change its properties, then think again. Kryston - who know a thing or two about the technical side of line performance - have a selection of sprays to fine-tune one of the fundamentals of your angling kit. You might be surprised just how easily you can enhance your main line’s functions.

1 Well ‘ard

This stuff makes your leaders and your main line more abrasion resistant. You might be sceptical, but this stuff genuinely improves your line’s toughness - in fact, we’ve made a video showing just how much it does toughen it up on our YouTube channel. It forms a protective barrier over your leader or main line, stopping branches, gravel bars, mussels and any other snags from doing as much damage as they would to uncoated line.

2 Greased Lightning

If you’re familiar with any of these products, it’s probably this one. Well established as a simple but effective casting aid, Greased Lightning is basically lube for your main line. Just a few drops of the non-toxic solution is all that’s needed to help your line sail through the rings. Try it - it genuinely adds yards to your cast.

3 No Tangle

Another wondrous little bottle of goodness. Billed as a ‘braid straightener’, this clever little potion stiffens and bonds the fibres of supple braids to create a stiffer hooklink that won’t tangle. Amazingly, once underwater, the solution dissolves like PVA to leave the braid’s original properties. A 30ml bottle will treat more than 100 hooklengths.