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Lok Down With Avid

There’s a new version of Avid’s rock-solid pod hitting the shops this month and here’s our 5 favourite bits about it…



1. Neat and low
Designed for anglers who want to travel light, the new Lok Down Low Pod sits close to the ground for that stealthy look we all love and folds away neatly and quickly. When packed down it is small enough to fit inside most carryalls and rucksacks, so you don’t need to bring separate luggage just to house it.

2. It won’t budge
Avid launched their Lok Down range of bankware in 2019 with a new cam system that stopped twisting and slipping on the inner sections of banksticks. It works because the cam-lock collar grips the whole of the inner stick rather than applying pressure to a single point. These things really don’t budge an inch.

3. Stable too
This pod is designed with a double centre bar and those Lok Down adjustable legs to make it simple to set-up on any surface - and it’s super stable once it’s there. That low centre of gravity also helps keep everything in place even when you get a screaming take. 

A lovely little touch: built-in spirit levels at both ends of the pod!

4. Little details
Getting the Lok Down Low Pod set-up exactly how you want it is very easy. The four legs all adjust, as do the four uprights which attach to the buzzer bars. And if you’re really picky about getting your rods level then you’ll love the built-in spirit levels which Avid have incorporated into the design.   

5. All-in-one bundle
The Lok Down Low Pod is a very attractive package with a recommended retail price of just £84.99 - and that includes front and back three-rod buzzer bars. All that’s left you to you to do is attach your butt rests, alarms and indicators and head off in search of fish.

The Lok Down cam locks won’t budge a millimetre!
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