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Looking to improve your loose-feed game? Prologic have you covered...

When looking at the differences between good and average carp anglers, it’s not rigs, fancy tackle or even bait that sets them apart. Behind location, accuracy is probably the key area where skill shines through. If you can cast and bait up with more consistency and precision than the angler next-door then you’re onto a winner. To that end, the right kit is crucial when spodding and markering, and Prologic have a range of products designed to make finding and baiting spots as trouble-free as possible.

Crucial for finding killer spots and baiting up accurately is the right rod for the job. The Bomber ST is a combined spod and marker rod with what Prologic call a ‘fast progressive’ action, aided by the special taper (ST) tip section. This end of the rod is designed for a fast recovery speed to reduce spod wobble and help you bait up with greater precision and consistency, as well as transmitting crucial feedback when using a marker lead.

There are three models available including a 10-footer for supreme accuracy at short to medium range, plus a 12-footer and a 12ft 6in monster with a 5lb test curve for belting out the biggest payload. All three have 50mm butt rings leading to a 16mm anti-frap tip guide, plus dual-purpose measuring guides on the blanks.

The Bombers also boast HDPS reel seats which will grip your reels tightly and can be easily cleaned thanks to their smooth finish, which is a neat touch considering how mucky spodding can get.

£99.99. Buy yours here


The ideal companion for the Bomber rod is the Black Bomber reel. This powerhouse from Prologic’s stablemate Okuma is certainly tough enough for the job. It has an oversized handle knob for easy continuous cranking even with messy spod mixes and a gigantic retrieval rate of 1.28m per handle turn to make even long-distance work a breeze. There are four ball bearings in total, two metal line clips and worm-shaft gearing with a computer-balanced rotor. It weighs 652g and takes 250m of 40lb braid, which is all you’ll ever need on such a reel. £59.99

This low-diameter braid has a four-ply construction to ward off wind knots and comes in two versions. The AR option has a 35lb breaking strain so it can be used straight through to a spod or marker lead, while the XD (extra distance) version is 20lb for longer-range work with a shockleader. Both come on 250m spools with markers every 12ft to help you wrap up in confined swims. £19.99


Constructed from solid anodised aluminium with super-sharp tapered points, these durable sticks will penetrate even the very toughest ground. They are 40cm tall and the tops are machine finished so there’s no friction or snagging when reeling your line back onto your reel. Machined PTFE heads, sold separately, enable you to add isotopes for use at night. £9.99

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