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Meet The Slugs

This month Wychwood launch their Slug collection – claimed to be one of the most sensitive bobbins ever made. Here's what we made of them...

At CARPology we’re always up for something new – and Wychwood’s latest indicators are certainly that. The Slugs are genuinely unlike anything we’ve ever seen or used before. The concept – and it’s a bloody clever one – was put forward to the Wychwood team of designers by one of their most talented – and youngest – anglers on their books, Phoebe Stuart. The idea was to create a bobbin that had two pivot points on the body which would allow the indicator to shift weight through its dynamic design.

The big questions...

Okay, but what does that mean, “shift weight through its dynamic design”?
“In essence it enables the bobbin to visually respond to the slightest of line movements. To really see how responsive the Slug is, you really need to head down to your local Wychwood stockist, but trust us when we say it really does do what it says on the packaging.”

Is it fully adaptable – i.e. can I use it with a slack line right through to a bowstring tight one?
“Totally. And on a slack line that’s when it performs at its best. Thanks to the double pivoting points, it means the head always sits facing the right way which means the main line can’t get caught up like it will on standard fixed head – often resulting it snapped line. It also registers the slightest of movement too: first the line clip end lifts and then the second pivoting point comes into place. And as for tight line fishing, just add one of the adjustable weights – simple.”

Are those adjustable weights included in the package?
“Yes, and we’ll come to those in a moment. But in true Wychwood style, the Slugs don’t just come with added weights – they comes with everything – and at a seriously competitive price too. Identifying that anglers have varied opinions on how a bobbin should look and be set-up, Wychwood have loaded each blister pack with the following: two Slug bodies, one which is always White (for all Sharp, Mac and Hearn clones) and for the second you can choose from: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple and Black. There are two black chains (which in Nigel Sharp’s words are, “the best looking chains going!), one measuring three-inches and the second eight, plus a 12-inch Dacron for real lightweight work. And to match those, there’s a matt black hockey stick. Now for those weights: there’s the preloaded nylon version which weighs in at 1g, and then there’s the aluminium at 3g and finally the zinc version that weighs 6g.”

“It registers the slightest of movement too: first the line clip end lifts and then the second pivoting point comes into place.”

Nice touch with the two bodies, but how do I change them? It doesn’t look like you simply screw it into place.
“No, you’re right, but it’s dead easy. Take a baiting drill – not a needle or you could end up being featured in our Fishing-Related Accidents album on Facebook – and on the indented side of the pin which goes through the Slug’s body, push down firmly until it pops out. Remove the weight and replace with your chosen option before pushing the pin back into place. Easy.”

Anything else I should know?
“It’s not only that double-jointed body which makes the Slug so sensitive – that ‘V’ type line clip plays its part. It gives you the best of both worlds for every fishing situation. For ultimate movement – i.e. when you’re slack-lining, place the line into the ‘V’ so the Slug is fixed to the line, whilst for normal angling you can just clip the line in-between the two ball clips. Tension is also fully adjustable via an O ring which comes fitted as standard – simply slide it up the arms to create more tension. Impressive eh?”

It sounds it, but you’ve not told me the price yet…
“You’re going to love this: a complete Slug is yours for just £12.99! Now that not only represents outstanding value for money, but you’re getting one seriously impressive bit of piece which will actually aid your angling. Great work Phoebe for the idea; top designing Wychwood for making it become a reality. High fives all round. wychwood-carp.co.uk