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Nash Scope GT Reel

Nash have finally lifted the covers off their hugely anticipated new reel

Not many fundamental items of fishing kit get anglers buzzing with anticipation. Accessory products like bivvies and gadgets are much more likely to create online chatter and expectation than rods and reels. But with these new Scope reels, Nash have driven carpers wild waiting for them to drop.

Why so? Well, it probably has a lot to do with the hugely successful Euro and Urban Banx videos, in which Alan Blair has been spotted using these Scope GTs, and the fact they look so different.

The first thing you notice is that cut-away honeycomb structure on the base of the spool. The aluminium spools were presumably already fairly light before the Essex-based design team decided to notch chunks out of them to bring them into line with the Scope ethos of mobility and reduced bulk. Has it worked? Undoubtedly. With an aluminium body these are featherlight reels that will feel barely there if you are used to hauling around massive big-pit churners. The smaller reel weighs just 336g, while its bigger brother is 489g. That’s mighty impressive for the carp market.

Back to the looks and the rest of the reels are sheathed in black, with neat carbon detailing, a slim handle and a wooden knob on the end. Dominated by that swiss-cheese spool, they look like nothing else out there.

There are two versions of the Scope GT: a 4000 and a 6000. The latter is, as you’d expect, bigger and it has a much flatter, deeper spool with a big rim. The 6000 can take 430 metres of 0.35mm line and can crank in an impressive 105cm of line with each turn of the handle. The 4000 holds 290 metres of 0.285mm line and brings in 92cm of line with each handle rotation.

You might look at the holey spool and wonder about dirt and water ingress, but these reels have what Nash call ‘saltwater engineering’ for rugged durability. Reels with cutaway spools have existed in sea fishing for many years, so the technology to keep them working is tried and tested.

Inside there are nine ball bearings for an incredible smooth feel, with a stainless-steel main shaft and gear assembly for serious reliability. You also get two line-friendly casting clips, a dual-propulsion line roller to reduce twist and a waterproof-sealed quick drag with carbon washer for instant control over surging fish. And if you don’t like that wooden handle knob you also get the option to swap it for a black one.

Believe the hype, these are seriously cool.

Price Guide
Scope GT-4000 £149.99
Scope GT-6000 £189.99
GT-4000 Spare Spool £24.99
GT-6000 Spare Spool £29.99

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