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Nash Tackle Trax Power Barrows

A pair of already-great Nash barrows have been supercharged with electric motors - and the results are incredible...

Just about every carp angler will have experienced the sheer sweaty-browed frustration of struggling to man-handle a laden barrow around a lake. When they just refuse to budge over that seemingly insignificant tree root, or threaten to roll back and crush you as you attempt a little incline, the temptation to throw your kit to the ground and let out a scream has to be stubbornly repelled. When all you want to do is get to your swim and go fishing, it’s one of our sport’s most frustrating occurrences.

Nash clearly know this, and have brought a tech-packed, silently awe-inspiring solution into our lives in the shape of two battery-powered barrows. Based on the highly regarded Evo and Metro MK2 frames, these electric trolleys cure all the frustration of manual barrowing in an instant.

It’s not so much that you’ll get to your swim quicker (although you won’t have to pause to catch your breath), it’s that you’ll get to your swim without sweating and cursing - these Trax Power Barrows are all about torque not 0-60 times. That torque, which makes mincemeat of ruts, inclines and the weight you’ve lumped onto the barrow, is provided by 150-watt 24-volt lead-acid battery propulsion. Silently carrying out the task, the motor and batteries are centrally mounted above and within the wheel for perfect weight distribution.

The controls are simple and mounted on the right-hand barrow handle. A variable speed trigger keeps you in constant control, and you always feel like you are being helped along rather than dragged behind. It’s a strange sensation if you have never used a powered barrow, but it quickly becomes intuitive. Try an unladen Trax Power Barrow in a tackle shop and its willingness to whisk you away will instantly put a smile on your face.

From 10ft away you’d be hard pushed to spot that these barrows contain an electric motor, which proves just how little storage space is lost and how little extra bulk is gained. The pair of rechargeable 12-volt batteries are tucked under a green metal flap which matches the rest of the barrow; the waterproof hand controls are compact and neatly positioned, while the wiring is all guided along the inside of the frame.

Both the Metro and Evo versions are supplied with optional trike kits, turning the standing legs into rear wheels for even less exertion. The Evo is the larger of the two options, with a load area space of 110cm by 71cm (extending to 132cm by 100cm) compared to the Metro’s load area of 80cm by 50cm (extending to 102m by 50cm).

Both are built around strong steel frames with bungee-attachment points. The Evo has built-in side frames and a ‘Y’ piece for supporting a rod holdall, whereas the nimbler Metro is open-sided and just has a front retaining bar.

Both Trax Power Barrows come supplied three zipped under-barrow storage bags with side access, a mains charger, battery bag and the rear-wheel kit.

Making life easier on the bank rather than gaining an ‘unfair advantage’ over the carp, even old-school anglers repelled by battery-powered fish-spotting devices will be impressed by the brilliance of these gamechangers.

Evo, £989.99
Metro, £934.99

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