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New! Sonik Xtractor Landing Nets Review

Sonik’s popular range of compact rods has spawned a host of accessories, including some very clever nets


Sonik have a knack for taking good ideas and running with them. If the feedback to a particular product line is good, then you can expect additional items in double-quick time. And that’s exactly what’s happened with the enormously successful Xtractor range. Initially launched around a series of rods with collapsible butt sections, this range has rapidly expanded. New for summer 2020 are a host of fresh products, and we’ve picked three that have caught our eye.

So, what have we got here, then? Stuff for fans of short rods?
Yep. More and more anglers are realising that in many situations you don’t need the extra reach of a 12-footer, and Sonik have responded to that demand. There are two nets under the Xtractor brand and a new holdall for shorter rods under the SK-Tek label.

Tell me about the nets first
A compact rod set-up is only as small as the net you choose to carry with it, so Sonik have released the Xtractor Net and the even more bijous Xtractor Recon Net. The former has a two-piece telescopic handle with glued and pinned fittings for sturdiness and a tough glass-fibre spreader block and a full-size 42-inch net with supersoft base, hexmesh sides and reinforced stitching. It all packs down to that popular 44-inches carrying size.

And the Recon version is even smaller?!
It certainly is! It’s another full-size 42-inch net with the same mesh as its bigger brother, and just as sturdy arms and spreader block. Its party trick, however, is its ability to pack down to just 30-inch long.

How is that possible with 42ins arms?
The net arms are telescopic! As is the three-piece handle. Very clever from Sonik!

Super expensive then?
You might be surprised. The Xtractor Net is £59.99 and the smaller Recon is £64.99.

And what about this new rod holdall?
This one falls under Sonik’s equally popular SK-Tek bankware range and is designed for carrying three ‘retractable butt’ carp rods and a host of tackle. You could get everything you need for a session in one of these.

Does it just fit Sonik’s own rods then?
Nope, it’s designed to fit any shorter rod with a 44- or 50-inch packdown length and will accommodate rods with different handle sizes thanks to clever sliding reel holders.

And you can carry tackle too?
It’s got three removable tackle pouches that will easily slide under a bedchair and can house all the essentials for a mobile session. All three pouches are different sizes (46, 37 and 18cm long) making them ideal for housing certain types of kit. Your rods sit in the zipped ‘lid’ of the system allowing you quick access to all three of them and the tackle pouches.

What else do I need to know?
It’s made from a durable 600D PVC-backed camo material and has a heavy-duty waterproof base. It’s fully lined, padded and reinforced, and there are grab handles on the side for easy loading in and out of your car. There’s also an external pocket running the length of one side for your landing net, banksticks or other accessories. It has a recommended retail price of £199.99.

After the release of the hugely popular Sonik Xtractor rods last year, Luke Venus - CARPology's videographer - finally got his hands on the two new Xtractor nets to compliment the range, and one features telescopic arms - a first in carp fishing!

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