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PVA Bagging Made Easy!

Solid PVA bagging has never been so easy—or quick—and that’s all thanks to Gemini Tackle…


Judging by their ever-expanding product range, Gemini are here to make our lives easier. From tangle-free lead systems to pre-tied booms, everything they do is geared to making fishing simpler and less fussy. That philosophy might be most clearly demonstrated in the two products here, which really do make quickfire PVA bagging as simple as it can be. 

1. QC Swivel Tidy Stem
There’s simple connectivity at both ends of these stems, which allow you to loop-to-loop fresh PVA bags to your main line and quickly add a new hooklink when needed. The stems act as a direct replacement for the hard inserts on your inline leads and are available in two sizes (5mm diameter for Korda leads and 5.75mm for Fox leads). You can also attach tubing to the stems with a dedicated connector, or rely on the inherent semi-stiffness of the stems to create a tangle-free presentation that can be swapped over in seconds. The fused 100-percent-fluorocarbon loops have a 45lb breaking strain and contain no wires, so are fish-friendly and almost invisible. £5.29 


2. Ring Swivel Tidy Stems 
Just like the QC Swivel versions, these stems facilitate rapid-fire PVA bagging, but come with ring swivels on which to attach your hooklinks. The size 8 ring swivels offer maximum 360-degree movement for your short hooklinks, which can be easily looped on and off the larger ring. At the other end, you can attach your main line to the strong fluorocarbon fused loop using a loop-to-loop system or a strong knot such as a Palomar or Grinner. Just like the other versions, they are available in two different diameters to fit most leads on the market and are sold in packs of six. £5.29 


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