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Rok Solid New Hooks From Avid

Avid’s three-years-in-the-making hooks have finally arrived and they are feeling super strong and frightfully sharp


The fruits of a three-year development process, Avid’s new Armorok hooks cover all bases and offer incredible sharpness. If you aren’t aware, Avid are the carp side of the all-conquering Preston Innovations business, which has a stellar reputation for creating advanced products in the match and coarse arena. These hooks, therefore, are not generic patterns dressed in marketing hype—they’re the real deal. 

1. Pin sharp
KEY POINT: Unique point-grinding  
These are seriously sharp hooks straight from the packet. That sharpness has been achieved thanks to what Avid calls the “very latest market-leading technology” and a unique point-grinding process which chemically sharpens each hook to the max. 

2. Super strong
KEY POINT: Carbon to steel blend
The new Armoroks are made from a high-grade carbon steel with the highest possible ratio of carbon to steel. This results in stronger, more durable hooks with a high-quality finish. It’s the ideal combination to give you confidence they won’t buckle in the most extreme conditions. 

3. Silky smooth
KEY POINT: Super slippery
These hooks are coated in a premium-grade super-smooth PTFE coating, which cuts resistance at the crucial moment the hook is taking hold in the fish’s mouth. It also creates a non-glare finish to keep the Armoroks looking as unobtrusive as possible underwater. 

4. Balanced
KEY POINT: Honed but not fragile
All in all, these hooks look to expertly walk the tightrope between strength and sharpness, which is not an easy feat. They are certainly impressively sharp, but the honed points aren’t super fragile, which is good news for repeated casts over hard spots.

5. Versatile
KEY POINT: Three patterns
There are three different patterns in the Armorok range: Curve, Wide Gape and Chod. All of them are available in both barbed and barbless versions and come in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8 in packets of 10 hooks. 

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