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See The Light With Fenix Shadowmaster!

This beast of a head torch from Fenix—HM65R ShadowMaster—is both light and very bright


1. Plenty of power
Named like a comic-book character, the ShadowMaster has an equally dramatic full-power mode called ‘Turbo’, which has a phenomenal 1200 lumens brightness rating. In white-light mode that beam of light can stretch for 168m, which is enough to cover just about any angling situation you’ll encounter. 

2. Light yet tough
The ShadowMaster is fully IP6X dust-proof and IPX8 waterproof, which means it can be dunked under water to depths of more than 1m and still survive. In addition, the all-metal housing has been tested to withstand drop tests of 2m on six sides. On top of all that, the magnesium alloy construction means, in the words of the manufacturers, it weighs about the same as an egg! 

3. Flexible output
There are two light sources used by this headtorch—one white and one red. There are five power settings for the white light and four for the red, all of which are a balance between brightness and battery life. Each mode is easily selected by cycling through the single red or white button. 


4. Easy charging
The ShadowMaster is powered by a rechargeable 3,500mAh li-ion battery and comes supplied with a USB Type-C charging cable, which means you can replenish it on the bank using a portable battery pack. In Eco mode, the white light runs for 40hrs, while in Low mode, the red light can run for 120hrs. And unlike other rechargeable head torches, with the ShadowMaster, you can actually buy replacement batteries. 

5. Simple operation
With a comfortable black headband, very little weight and a two-button operating system, this head torch is both capable and unobtrusive. There’s also a built-in battery-level indicator which sits between the buttons and uses five LEDs to accurately indicate how much juice is left. 

Available from and priced £99.95

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