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There’s something for all tastes with Fox’s larger R-Series bivvies


Introduced a couple of years ago as a replacement for the much-loved Royale range, Fox’s R-Series sets out to offer value and performance. Throughout the range there are design traits that are classic Fox and the trio of big bivvies we have assembled here offer pram-hood practicality no matter how long your session or how much kit you take.

R-Series 2-Person XL
The bigger brother of the 1-Person model (we’ll come onto that in a moment), this takes the same design and elongates it, adding an extra rib and providing room inside for two bedchairs. The aluminium frame and 10,000mm HH fabric are the same as the 1-Person, and just like its smaller sibling you get plenty of flexibility with air circulation. At the rear are two very large vents with mozzie mesh that can be opened or closed independently of one another, while the front panel can be completely rolled back for maximum visibility. As with the 1-Person, there is a two-way letterbox door with three material options: mozzie mesh, clear PVC or solid fabric. This bigger version, which can also accommodate a bespoke inner capsule (sold separately) weighs 21.5kg (the 1-Person is 15.9kg) but is a massive 3.15m deep by 3.3m wide and 1.85m high. Like the other bivvies in this range, a heavy-duty zip-in groundsheet and pegs are supplied, along with an oversized carrying bag.

Fox R-Series Bivvvies
This is a classic-looking one-man pram-hood shelter given a shot of growth hormones. The XL labelling relates to this bivvy’s larger, taller frame. Increased headroom is the first thing you will notice as you slide your bedchair and belongings inside one of these. This thing measures 1.65m high by 2.35m deep and 2.95m wide, so there’s plenty of room for a single angler and all the kit they could need.

This bivvy is constructed around a rigid 19mm aluminium frame with two main ribs and a third arcing round the front to create a peak. The R-Series fabric boasts a 10,000mm hydrostatic-head rating and you can buy this bivvy in either khaki or Fox’s unique camo pattern.

In addition to the main bivvy you can also buy a mesh inner dome which seals out insects and provides added protection against condensation. This can be left in place when you pack the bivvy away.

R-Series Giant
As Fox’s marketing blurb bluntly puts it, this bivvy is “absolutely huge”! In fact, what you are looking at here is the company’s largest bivvy ever. Headroom is a major selling point with the R-Series Giant, with 2.1m of clearance allowing you to stretch out and change clothes in comfort on long sessions.

The design is a classic three-rib pram-hood, but everything has been supersized. As with the other two shelters, rigid 19mm aluminium poles have been used for strength and lightness, and you can buy an internal mesh capsule to ward off bugs and condensation.

Size-wise, this shelter is a beast. It’s 3.4m deep and 3.3m wide, but it’s that huge headroom that gives it a really airy feeling. That feeling is further enhanced by two rear air vents the size of patio doors and the ability to completely rollback the front panel. The three door options and twin rod straps on the other models remain, though unlike the XL versions this bivvy only comes in khaki. It weighs in at 22.46kg.

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