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Size Zero Chods

A Shorter Version of ESP's Best-Selling, Ready-To-Go Chod Rigs

In less than ten years, the 'Chod Rig' has spawned more product spin-offs than any other rig that's gone before it – and to be honest, than we'll ever see again. From specially designed hooks and hooklink materials, to gizmos to create the perfect loop and ready-tied versions based around Chod-maestro, Terry Hearn. The original company to do just that was Maximum Carp's favourite, ESP and the Oxford-based company has just extended its portfolio for offering reliable, user-friendly and ready-to-go products with a shorter version of the market's best-tied Chod Rig.

The brand's 'Short Chod Rigs' provide all the advantages of regular length Choddies but offer a lower, more discreet presentation with the hookbait positioned closer to the lakebed. This make them ideal for fishing over gravel, sand and shallow deposits of silt and weed, whilst still providing the deadly effective hooking arrangement of the perfectly curved, classic Chod Rig.

As per the original ready-to-go Chod Rigs they launched 18 months ago, these size zero versions are tied with the finest products. The 1999 launched Stiff Bristle Filament offers rigidity which makes the rig difficult to eject, helps to stand the buoyant hookbait up properly and allows the all-important curve to be set in the material which results in the rig spinning and the hook catching hold as soon as the carp closes its mouth around the hookbait. 

Where ESP's Chod Rigs differ to other shop-bought version is the whipping knot used to connect the hook and create the 'D'. They've used a Snell whipping knot which is considerably more difficult to tie than a standard Knotless Knot but the end result is far superior. This style of knot is super strong, very neat and grips the hook shank extremely tightly resulting in both end of the Bristle Filament exiting the knot in line. This makes the hook sit in a straight plain in line with the Filament which exits the eye from underneath the knot, allowing the perfect curve to be set which undoubtedly enhances the performance of this rig.

The new ESP Short Chod Rigs are available in sizes 5 and 6 tied to 20lb Bristle Filament and sizes 7 and 8 tied to the 15lb version. Each packet contains three of these perfectly tied rigs.