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Slip Into Comfort

Vass's new footwear offer the comfort of trainers and the simplicity of slippers


There’s a yellow elasticated strap on display here, so that means these trainers can only come from the distinctive Vass stable. But unlike the waders that made this British brand famous, these lightweight Easy-Bacs Fishing Trainers are designed for speedy access and long-term comfort. 

Are these trainers or sliders?
They’re both! They’re basically lightweight footwear you can grab in a hurry. That trademark yellow strap pivots out of the way for an easy-access sandal feel, or you can hook it over your heel when you’re wearing the Easy-Bacs for longer periods.

What are they made from?
It feels like thin air! They’re so lightweight they’ll barely register when popped in a rucksack or thrown on your barrow. There’s a grippy moulded sole, while the upper is made from highly breathable mesh with a textile reverse for comfort.

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What sort of applications are they for?
Stick a pair next to your bedchair at night and you can dash to your rods in seconds because there are no fiddly laces or narrow ankle sections to navigate. You can also wade in shallow water with them and they’ll dry super quickly thanks to their mesh upper. Unlike flip flops or sliders, that elasticated rear strap also keeps them firmly on your feet at all times.

Sounds good. Anything else I should know?
They come with a netted storage bag, which is also handy for drying them, and they are available in eight different shoe sizes from a UK 6 through to a 12.

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