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Sonik Insurgent Rods

Want to save space but still hit big distances? Sonik might just have the answer...


With a reputation for spotting trends quickly and developing products to serve anglers’ needs, it’s no surprise that Sonik have launched a rod like this. The new Insurgent range features a retractable butt section to save storage and travelling space, yet has all the power you need to fire leads and rigs to big distances.

Is this a stalking rod or a casting rod?
It can be both! There are five versions of the Insurgent, including two 9ft options and two 10ft versions. They all have lightweight blanks and that retractable butt section for a smaller packdown size, and are obviously more manoeuvrable on the bank than a 12-footer, but Sonik have bestowed these rods with some grunt for casting.

Surely you can’t get the same performance from a shorter rod?
You might have to adapt your casting technique, and practise will make perfect, but Sonik consultant Frank Warwick can cast these shorter rods the same distance as he can with a comparable 12-footer!

Sounds like a very special blank, then! 
Sonik are certainly very proud of what they have produced, going so far as to label these rods future classics. The blanks are built with high-modulus carbon from Japanese market leaders Toray and have a ‘Lite-ply’ 1k armoured carbon weave throughout. In addition, the tip section of these rods has a multi-direction carbon lay up. In layman’s terms, what you are getting is a super-responsive rod that transfers your power into a long, accurate cast rather than blank twist.

And the guides?
In keeping with the focused, lightweight ethos, Sonik have whipped super-light M-Series DL black guides on to these rods. You also get an anti-frap tip and a 50mm butt guide.

What else do you get?
There are 18mm Fuji DPS reel seats on all the rods in the range, so you know any carp reel will fit securely. The handles on these rods are covered in slim Japanese shrink rubber and there are black anodised butt caps laser etched with Sonik’s S logo.

And you have a choice between 9ft and 10ft versions?
Yep. The 9-footers pack down to 44-inches (113cm) when stowed, while the 10-footers take up 50-inches (127cm). The 9ft version can be ordered with either a 2.75lb test curve, or a 3lb test curve, making them ideal for tight swims and PVA bag work. The longer option is available in three test curves - 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb. The beefiest of the trio is ideal for hitting the longest casts, but all of them are more than capable of handling weighty PVA bags, heavy leads and firing rigs out with accuracy.

Sounds like my wallet’s in for a hammering…
You might just be surprised. The 9ft rods have a recommended retail price of £139.99, while the 10-footers are priced at £149.99. There aren’t many rivals for the Insurgents at those prices.

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