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Sonik's Lovely Pair!

Sonik have something new for the opportunist angler…


Insurgent Cork rods
The Insurgent range of retractable-butt-section rods from Sonik has been given a freshen up for 2021, with delightful triple-A cork handles, a larger selection of test curves and 40mm butt rings on the two least powerful models. These rods are designed to offer plenty of performance despite their small pack-down size of just 44-inches. The Insurgent Corks are built on Toray carbon blanks with a lite-ply 1K armoured weave throughout, plus a multi-directional carbon lay-up on the tip sections to stop twist and improve casting accuracy. They all come with an 18mm DPS reel seat, black anodised butt caps with the Sonik S logo and that slimline cork finish. Guides are very light M-Series DL black rings with anti-frap tip eyes.


Sonik say these rods blend classic styling with cutting-edge performance, and it’s hard to disagree. Don’t be put off by their length—these rods offer all the performance the majority of British carpers will ever call upon. There are three nine-footers and three 10-footers in the range, with test curves of 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb. The 2.75lb and 3lb 9ft rods, and the 3lb 10ft rod, come with 40mm butt rings, while the rest of the range is furnished with 50-millers. These rods have retail prices of £159.99 and £169.99.


Insurgent 5000
New for this year is the Insurgent 5000 reel, perfectly matched to the Insurgent range of rods. They boast stylish good looks and plenty of features for a very impressive recommended retail price of under £90! 

Built around a high-strength graphite body, the Insurgent 5000 has five internal ball bearings and a gear ratio of 4.6 to one. It boasts a wormshaft gear system for strength and durability, plus a floating rotor line guard to prevent tangles. The Quick-Torque front drag gives you almost immediate control over a bolting fish, while micro-adjustment washers enable you to get perfect line lay no matter what size line you spool up with.

There are two spring-loaded line clips on the spool, which can take 380 metres of 0.30mm line, or 200 metres of 0.40mm line. The black anodised aluminium handle and wooden barrel knob cap off a well-presented package that weighs in at just 535g. Spare spools are also available for £14.99 a piece. 


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