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Speed Up Your Bagging

Gemini’s latest innovation will make solid bagging a damn sight quicker


Since arriving on the scene with their ARC Lead System, Gemini Carp Tackle have continued to improve the efficiency with which we carry out our angling. Each of their products, like the Tidy Booms, is designed to simplify the processes we all go through on the bank, and their latest release is absolutely no different. 

Tidy Stems
These little devices allow you to fish solid PVA bags ‘quick-change’ style. Unlike other PVA bag stems already on the market, Gemini have made theirs with a unique fluorocarbon material rather than any internal wires to provide just enough stiffness and flexibility. With a 45lb breaking strain these stems - which sit inside an inline lead and allow you to quickly swap pre-tied bags for used ones - are strong and durable. With no wires to snap or bend, they will last and last. They also come in two diameters (5mm and 5.75mm) to fit the bores of different inline leads. £5.29

CARPology's Joe Wooltorton and Luke Venus head to Coking Farm Fishery's Long Lake to put the new Gemini Tackle Tidy Stems to the test.

Just like the standalone Tidy Stems, the tubing kit allows you to fish solid PVA bags in ‘quick-change’ fashion, but on waters that insist on the use of tubing behind your lead. The Gemini solution does away with the need for clumsy tail-rubber connectors or stems and provides a virtually seamless, streamlined connection from your tubing to your solid bag. Each kit includes enough components for a three-rod set-up, though a refill pack is also available, and can be bought in either 5mm or 5.75mm diameters depending on the bore of your leads. £10.99

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