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Speero's 5/6 Rod Holdall: 12 Months Down The Line

A year after he first unboxed it, CARPology's editor is still loving the 5/6 Rod Holdall from Speero, and here's why…


I can’t lie: I really do love Speero’s line up of luggage items. With stellar build quality and clever functionality, this range of DPM or olive finished bags and holdalls punches well above their modest price tags. Whilst I pretty much exclusively use all their products (rucksack, cool bag, rod straps - even the rig tying table which is great), my favourite has to be what you’re looking at now: the 5/6 Rod Holdall. Here are five reasons why I love it… 

The Big Five
For the best part of 15 years I used a rod quiver minus any rod sleeves. And whilst I never suffered any major damage to my much-loved lengths of carbon, I had to ask myself: why, in 2020, when virtually all of my fishing is off a barrow, do I need to take the risk of bending guides, chipping blanks or damaging reels when the 5/6 doesn’t weigh that much more and offers protection on a totally different scale? It’s a no-brainer, right?

Undo the full-length zip and you’ll discover there’s plenty of protection for your precious cargo. Each rod compartment is fully padded with a soft-touch material and your rods are held in place with Velcro retaining straps so they won’t shift around in transit.

It’s Speero’s USP. Sewn from a super rugged 600D Cordura material, this holdall has stood up to a year’s worth of abuse and I’m extremely confident it will continue to do so for many more years to come. In addition to the fabric, there’s quality-matching nylon clips and military-spec zips used throughout, plus all stress points have been reinforced.

The main haul opens up via a double zip and gives you instant access to all five rods. And seeing as they are full-length, getting rods in and out is dead easy - there’s certainly no danger of snapping a tip or bending an eye as you take one from the holdall.

As its name suggests, this holdall will swallow up five made-up 12ft rods internally (I have a 12ft 6” spod rod which just fits so there is a bit of give), plus an extra one can be strapped to the outside pocket. Brolly system user? There’s a large pocket for that, plus another for your longer banksticks and landing nets.


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