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Speero's Adara might just be the only angling coat you need


Speero might not have been around for long, but just over a year since they arrived on the carp scene they have certainly solidified a reputation for quality fabrics. The luggage range, which we’ve reviewed before, has been a big hit and the clothes have been equally well received. This jacket has the hallmarks of a typically well-considered product.

1. Protected but not smothered
Most jackets can offer protection from the elements, but you can pay the price in sweat! This one’s not like that. It’s got a 10,000mm breathability rating alongside a 10,000mm hydrostatic-head waterproof rating. That means you’ll stay dry but you won’t be baked alive in warmer conditions.

2. Solidly stylish
This is undoubtedly a stylish garment that isn’t trying too hard to be something it’s not. The orange detailing on the zippers sets off the lovely muted green outer and no-nonsense dark lining. It’s elegantly cut, too.

3. Plenty of storage
There are a total of four zipped pockets on the Adara. There are two large pockets just located just above hip height and two more side-access compartments at chest level. The latter pair is fully waterproofed for storing expensive essentials.

4. Fully adjustable
When the weather is closing in and you’re out in the elements, a snug fit is crucial. The Adara offers an adjustable hem with elasticated drawcord and cuffs that can be tightened or loosened with Velcro. The hood also has a toggle drawcord.

5. Ease of access
There’s a lovely finish to this jacket, with its nylon outer given a PU coating. It’s also easy to slip on with large, high-quality zips that can be undone from the bottom up when nature calls or for making adjustments to any under garments. £89.95

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